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Established in 2009 as the first American academic publication focusing on Design and Adaptive Reuse, the Int|Ar Journal explores this inherently sustainable practice through multi-faceted investigations and paradigmatic examples. Encompassing issues of preservation, conservation, alteration and interventions, each peer-reviewed issue offers broad but distinct viewpoints on a single topic. Working side by side for two years with the chief editors, Liliane Wong and Markus Berger,  Lea was the editorial assistant and head of communications for the Int|Ar Journal topics, "Volume 06: The Experience Economy" and "Volume 07: Art in Context".

 For Volume 07, in addition to serving as the assistant editor and head of communications, Lea was the author of the cover story titled, Coming Home: A Conversation with Do Ho Suh. A preeminent contemporary Korean artist, Do Ho Suh has shown work at numerous galleries and museums including: The Tate Modern, The Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, MoMA in New York, The Whitney Museum of American Art, the Guggenheim in New York, and many more.

Suh's work lies at the intersection of art and architecture, which is where the interview, and our conversations, began.